Get to Know Maplewood, Minnesota

Posted: October 5th, 2015 at 1:26 pm

3MMaplewood’s history would make a great Hollywood movie.

Picture this—Flashback to 1850: Homesteaders head out from St. Paul to claim the land they bought for $2 an acre; the Dakota Indians didn’t have anything to do with the sale and run them off. Some years later when the Ojibway tribe takes the region from the Dakota, the settlers try again to claim their land; the Ojibway just want to be able to hunt there and allow the settlers to stay.

In 1856, stagecoach service begins until the railroad comes in 1886 and sets up its shops. The village prospers, but when the railroad shops leave around 1917, early Maplewood (then called Gladstone) becomes a ghost town, except for the farmers who remain. Years pass and yet the village hangs on. It isn’t until the 1950s when the 3M corporation purchases land nearby that the area sees a major rejuvenation.

Jump to present day: 3M is a major employer of local residents. Maplewood has become a growing, thriving city with a population of 40,199 and “lush wooded areas, lakes, ponds, over 33 beautiful parks and a great trail system. It has nice residential sections with good schools and well-planned commercial and industrial areas” and is an ideal location to put down roots or run a business, according to the city’s Resident’s Guide.

Maplewood wasn’t dreamed up by Hollywood–it’s a real place–historic, picturesque and ideally located to the Twin Cities.

Situated about 15 minutes or 9 miles from downtown St. Paul, this suburb is the perfect base of operations for your visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul. There’s plenty to do nearby: the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, historic sites and museums, shopping, entertainment and sports, and the Minnesota State Fair, just to name a few. No trip to the region is complete without sampling its dynamite cuisine. Use this essential guide to eating in the Twin Cities written by Bizarre Food’s Andrew Zimmern and friends to create your gastronomic bucket list.

Come see Maplewood for yourself.

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