Keeping Winter Driving Safe

Posted: September 17th, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Winter Driving 2/2

Last week we introduced some easy ways to ensure that you arrive at your destination safe and on-time. This week we will continue on with a few more tips to ensure your winter road-trip is a successful one.

Winter-driving involves a lot more time in the dark and severe weather conditions. Your vehicle’s headlights are your first line of defense to combating these dangerous situations. Over time head lights may lose their original brightness. If you can visibly see that one or both lights are not as bright as they once were, it is time to have them replaced. This is also the case for fog-lights. If your car uses HID (High Intensity Display) bulbs one thing to remember is that these need to be recycled.

One area that I never attempt to save money on is my wind-shield wipers. Your wipers should be replaced annually. The beginning of the winter is a great time to do this while you are preparing the rest of your vehicle for winter. Most auto-parts retailers will both inspect and install new wipers at no-charge. Take advantage of this free service.

Ensuring your engine’s coolant levels is one of the most beneficial ways to protecting your engine in the winter. This can be a dangerous job; therefore I suggest having an automotive professional tackle this job. Most mechanics will inspect your engine coolant level at no charge when replacing your oil and filter. The next time that you have your oil changed, be sure to inquire about both the level of your coolant and whether or not it is time to have it flushed and filled.

LivINN Hotels realizes the importance of keeping more money in your back pocket. Next week we will look at ways to get more out of each one of your travel dollars.

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