Plan Your Next Trip Using Pinterest

Posted: July 7th, 2015 at 8:24 am

It used to be, when you were planning a trip, you’d start collecting information about your destination (magazine and newspaper articles, tips from friends and family and maps and tour books from travel agencies) and either pin it to a bulletin board or stuff it in a file folder.

Nowadays, you can do all that on the Internet, in one organized place: Pinterest.

Pinterest primer

What is Pinterest? Think of a room full of bulletin boards and push pins or thumbtacks. Categorize each board with a different topic: recipes, scrapbooking, books I want to read, fashion, thrifty living, financial tips etc. Any topic in which you have an interest. Now, as you find interesting photos, articles, tips etc., you grab a pin and stick it to the bulletin board. That’s what Pinterest is. It’s a virtual bulletin board system, but instead of pinning paper, you’re pinning content you found on the Web (photos, blog posts, websites etc.).

One of Pinterest’s greatest assets is its ability to curate the Internet. If you are looking for something in particular, let’s say how to make food gifts in a jar, you can search within Pinterest and it will show you others who pinned the same information. This severely reduces your time surfing to find what others have already found, eliminating useless sites.

“What I love about Pinterest, and what separates it from say Facebook and Instagram, is that things stay where I put them and are easy to find again, for me and others,” says Craig, from Ytravel.

If you’re new to Pinterest, get started at the Help Center, which is full of concise and easy to understand graphics and videos.

Naming boards
Label each board to reflect its category. Although a city or destination name could be descriptive enough, using a title such as “Where to Eat in Cincinnati” helps you quickly find what you are looking for. And because other Pinterest users can see what you pin, it assists others in locating the same information.

Essential travel boards

  • Pin cities, continents, locations, attractions, activities, restaurants, maps etc.
  • Travel tips. Break it down even further by designating a board specifically for car trips, airplane trips and international travel. If tips apply to more than one category, pin to applicable boards.
  • Traveling on a budget.
  • Travel apps.

Reviews are everything

After a trip, be sure to come back to your pins and add a comment whether they met your expectations or not. It’ll be a reminder to you the next time you travel, and a great service to other Pinterest users. Testimonials are everything.

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