Vegan/Vegetarian: Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Minneapolis

Posted: January 21st, 2016 at 9:40 pm

veganSo … you’re vegan or vegetarian and visiting Minneapolis? You might be surprised to discover that Minneapolis has several well-known eateries catering to your lifestyle, which serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

There’s great people watching at Hard Times Café, a “Minneapolis institution. It perfectly represents the diverse, historic and antiestablishment roots of its West Bank neighborhood. Students, recent immigrants, professors, punk rock vegans and the homeless fill the hodge-podge furniture in relative harmony,” one Yelp reviewer states. But, leave the kids at home.

Open since 1992, this funky diner is known for its French-press organic coffee, hearty portions, and all-day breakfast — especially the biscuits and gravy and hash browns (another reviewer claimed if you ask for them to be crispy, it will be “the best hash browns in the city.”). Prices are under $10; only cash is accepted — no credit cards.

On the other end of the spectrum is Ecopolitan — Eco-Raw Cuisine, Juice & Wine Bar, an Eco-Shop and un-cooking classes. The restaurant offers 100% organic, vegan, free of most allergens (no wheat, corn, soy, dairy, eggs or peanuts) (nut-free available) breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Patrons claimed some dishes tasted like their unhealthy counterparts. “It’s great to be able to pick ANYTHING on a menu for a change.”

Note: Reviewers commented that in the evening, the restaurant ran out of some food choices. If there’s something you really want to try, you might come at lunch. Ingredients are fresh, which could account for it being a little pricey. Average to slow service, so plan your visit accordingly.

Seward Café’s menu is largely vegan /vegetarian; they do serve meat, however, only local, free range and organic. Around since 1974, this is a collective business with a conscience: “The principles that guide our actions include social and environmental responsibility.”

Reviewers praised the cool vibe, weekend night live music, and being able to write on the chalkboards in the bathroom. The “…free clothes section for those in need, beautiful patio, and amazingly kind people,” stood out for another reviewer.

Having to write your order down and turn it in at the counter, like at Hard Times Café, doesn’t seem to turn customers off. They keep coming back for the giant pancakes, large portions and reasonable prices.

Note: Service times can be variable and tables sometimes not the cleanest, but the food reviews always receive high marks. You’re forewarned.

Perhaps one reviewer said it best: “I hate to admit it but I was wrong. Seward cafe is every bit as good as hard times albeit a touch more expensive.”

Let us know what you think about these restaurants and please share new ones you found!

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