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Tough Mudder

Sports & RecreationAfter an exceptionally tough year, Minnesotans will work together with friends, family, coworkers and strangers to conquer Tough Mudder’s famous obstacles like Everest, The Block Ness Monster and Mudderhorn. Oneka Hunting Preserve’s rolling hills, deep valleys and wooded trails offer the perfect backdrop for a scenic, memorable and teamwork-filled weekend. Events include: - Tough Mudder Classic: A 10-mile challenge of mud-soaked mayhem. Loaded with 24 of the world’s craziest obstacles, this event encourages teammates and strangers to work together to conquer the course. Tougher Mudder: A competitive version of the Tough Mudder Classic, the Tougher Mudder features Mudders competing in a timed event to prove their mettle. - Tough Mudder 5K: Three miles of Tough Mudder’s famous teamwork-inspired obstacles, anyone is capable of conquering a Tough Mudder 5K as long as they have the courage to step up to the starting line. - Mighty Mudder: Recommended for kids aged 8-12, Mighty Mudder brings the best of the full-sized Tough Mudder course to life with kid-friendly versions of obstacle favorites. - Mini Mudder: Kids ages 5-7 will tackle this ½ mile course, working together to get through 10 obstacles.
July 10, 2021
July 11, 2021
8349 147th St N 8349 147th Street North, Washington County, Minnesota 55038 United States
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